Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Are you ready to be a life giver?

How would it be if we say that you have the chance to bring hope, light, and life to many couples, who are haplessly struggling in the cesspool of infertility and not able to find a way out? Your generosity and your initiative can make a world of difference to a couple, who are not able to bear their own child due to medical or other complications.

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Egg Donation can be an emotionally rewarding or and emotionally taxing process, depending on the mental preparation you have undergone before committing yourself to this deal. It is life-giving step, which needs to be taken after careful deliberation and thoughtful planning and a reliable Egg- Donation agency, will handhold you, through the entire process, put your concerns at ease and make this a gratifying experience.

Egg donation is the latest in Infertility treatments wherein a woman who cannot biologically or physiologically conceive for lack of eggs, can enlist the service of a donor who shall provide this much needed genetic material, in lieu of a legally acceptable payment. Egg donor programmes are on the rise to stock up this most valuable input required to initiate most fertility procedures.

There is a strict Eligibility Code, which needs to be met before one can initiate the step:
  1. The donor must be between 21-34 years of age.
  2. Must practice a healthy lifestyle with no history of smoking, drinking or substance abuse.
  3. Must not be suffering from any infectious or genetic mutation disease.
  4. Must not have a family history of any serious or genetic disorder.
  5. Must not have untreated PCOD / Endometriosis
  6. Must have both ovaries and adequate ovarian response to stimulation.
  7. No fear of injections and a mature mindset, willing to go through regular check-u and follow-ups.
  8. Screening to ensure that the potential donor is capable of producing eggs for the entire cycle.
  9. Must pass a psychological screening test to ascertain her mental well-being.
egg donation bangalore

Apart from the emotional satisfaction of knowing that your efforts will allow a couple to enjoy parenthood, the monetary return too is extremely rewarding. The entire process could be spread over days, minimum a month’s cycle.

The Donor’s identity is however kept confidential, at all times and the entire process is done under anonymity, to reduce future complications. The donor needs to sign a legal indemnity bond waiving off all future rights over the child, who would inherit the DNA traits of the donor. 

Whatever be the motivation behind, becoming an egg donor, make sure one is fully committed since this is a major emotional and physical investment and must only be undergone at specialty centres.

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