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Finally a Mum With ICSI Treatment in Bangalore !

Things won't always work out as planned these days. Wishing for a baby of one's own is no crime. But then how would your wish come true when you are subject to infertility?

icsi treatment bangalore

Let us work our magic on you! Mathrutva, infertility hospital India is one of the best in its field which offers the best fertility treatment in Bangalore. Okay, now the word we’ve got for you is Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

Individuals may pursue this technique because of the following factors related to male infertility:
  • Issues related to sperm motility: Asthenospermia
  • Issues related to sperm concentration: Oligospermia
  • Issues related to sperm morphology: Teratozoospermia
  • Issues related to abnormalities in the male’s reproductive tract (physical blockage)
By new advances in the field of science direct injection of your partner’s sperm into your eggs (obtained from IVF) is made easy and possible by ICSI treatment Bangalore.


  • After the mature eggs are surgically extracted from your ovaries a specialized pipette is employed to hold it at place. 
  • A single sperm is collected from your partner's semen or is surgically extracted by micromanipulation. 
  • A tiny hollow needle is used to inject the sperm carefully into the cytoplasm of the egg.
  • The needle is then removed
  • The egg is examined the following day for any signs of fertilization


The fertility specialist may make use of blood tests and ultrasound techniques to determine if implantation has occurred or not.

icsi treatment in bangalore


Doubled happiness:

ICSI is part of IVF process hence there’s about 30 - 35 percent chance for becoming pregnant with twins and a 5 - 10 percent chance for having triplets or more.


Male infertility conditions are tackled by the direct introduction of the sperm to the egg. ICSI is the best solution for couples who have tried and failed in IVF or those who desire for pregnancy post-vasectomy. ICSI can be extremely useful in conditions where a limited number of eggs are available. The fertility rate however of ICSI is about 70 percent- 85 percent.

Looking from another angle there are some issues related to the technique. Even after this procedure(ICSI) you may not become pregnant. Moreover carrying multiples increase risk rates of pregnancy accompanied by gestational diabetes, elevated blood pressure levels, premature delivery and so on.

To all those who want to be future dads and moms out there- don't negotiate with your happiness!

We at Mathrutva Fertility Centre (A Unit Of Max HealthCare Pvt. Ltd) makes sure that you and your baby get the best care possible from the stage of ICSI to giving birth! Make sure that you are well aware of the pros and cons before undergoing this icsi procedure in Hyderabad.

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