Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Who Can Opt For Frozen Embryo Transfers?

In the last few years, the fertility sector has yielded significant success. The new technology named FET or frozen embryo transfer has been a good alternative to the traditional IVF treatment and has proved to give better results. The success rate for FET is about 80%. The frozen embryo has lowered the risk of excessive bleeding during pregnancy to about 30%. It has been found that children born with the help of FET have good health and weight during the birth time. The process has reduced the rate of complication during pregnancy to a great extent.

Now the question lies who can opt for this procedure and when?

Reasons for opting frozen embryo

There are certain things you need to understand in this regards.
  • An IVF treatment can result in several embryos. Now, when the embryo is ready at the laboratory, it is safe to transfer only one or two embryos in the woman’s body. The rest embryos are kept frozen. In case, the embryo transfer doesn’t result in a successful pregnancy, the couple can use the remaining frozen embryos for further treatment. Obviously, you can go through a new IVF treatment, but using previously fertilized embryos is more affordable and gives better results.
  • Even after you achieved a successful pregnancy, you can surely use those remaining preserved embryones to give your child a new sibling. Rather than going through a new IVF Cycle it is better to use already fertilized embryos.

 Why frozen embryos are better than fresh ones?


  • Frozen embryos have a more success rate than the fresh ones.
  • In case of frozen embryo, any genetic defect can be pre-examined. So the couple gets a chance to opt for the embryo that has more chances of growing into a healthy baby.
  • If a woman has ovarian hyperstimulation Syndrome, embryos can be kept frozen to use it later when the conditions get suitable.

Why choose us?

Mathrutva fertility Centre is one such fertility centre that offers a huge range of fertility treatment in Bangalore. The frozen embryo transfer process that is conducted here is one of the most effective and affordable treatments available at the clinic. So if you are going through any sort of pregnancy-related complications, feel free to contact us!

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Friday, 7 December 2018

Best Ways To Deal With Infertility In Women

Infertility is a common thing these days. Almost 7 out of 10 women go through this problem. It’s a wish of every woman to taste motherhood. Infertility not only affect emotion but at times it has serious side effects in a woman’s body. Previously when technology was not that advanced only few procedures were applied to deal with infertility. But time has changed; there are several advanced procedures that can help to overcome pregnancy-related complexities. Following are some causes of female infertility. 


Few things related to female infertility

Damaged Fallopian tube obstructs the sperm to meet the egg. Also at times it has been found that the uterus is not big enough or has structural deformities. So although the sperm meets the egg, finally uterus is not capable enough to hold the growing embryo.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is one such disease that is found in most women who are facing infertility. In this disease, the level of FSH and LH fluctuates thereby bringing several physical disorders like irregular periods, obesity, hair loss, acne etc. Any sort of ovulation disorder can affect pregnancy.


It’s time to fight infertility!

At Mathrutva Fertility Hospital our main objective is to help you overcome infertility. Here are some solutions that can help every woman out there:

If there is any sort of ovulation problem, we suggest laparoscopic surgery. Through this surgery, the uterus structure can be shaped and polyps can be removed.

To deal with fallopian tube disorder IUI is the best option. In this process, the sperms are injected directly in the uterus to ensure proper fertilization.

IVF is one of the oldest procedures to deal with infertility. Here the sperm and the egg is fertilized outside the body ie, in a laboratory and the resulting embryo is inserted back in the uterus.

Mathrutva Fertility Unit is one such team that provides the best treatment for female infertility in India.  We offer various surgical and non-surgical solutions to deal with infertility.  The best IVF treatment in Bangalore is provided by Mathrutva. Remember one thing- Nothing can stop you from becoming a mother. For further assistance contact us now!
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