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IVF Treatment of Mathrutva is a Gift to Infertile Couples

Gone are those days when infertility becomes a serious issue and the dream of infertile couples to have a child on their own is considered a distant one. Although there could be many challenging reasons so that the woman cannot reproduce, they can never be constraints if the infertile couple is willing to go for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

ivf treatment in bangalore

IVF is an advanced fertility treatment through which the sperm from a male and egg from a female are combined in a laboratory to form an embryo. The fertilized embryo is made to grow in a protected external environment for a few days before moving it into the uterus of a woman. IVF is the most commonly practiced infertility treatment all over the world. Also the success rate of IVF is very higher in comparison with other treatments with nominal IVF treatment cost in India. IVF treatment in Bangalore is provided by Mathrutva Fertility Center with its relevant and reliable innovative and scientific advancements.

When is IVF recommended?

1. If the traditional treatments such as Follicular Monitoring and IUI are failed.
2. Blockage in Fallopian Tubes
3. Very low Sperm count
4. Ovulation issues such as uterine fibroids, premature ovarian failure etc
5. Genetic disorders
6. Chances of Endometriosis

How IVF is carried out?

There are mainly five steps in the procedure of IVF and embryo transfer process.

Step 1
In order to produce more eggs, fertility medication is given to the female. More eggs are desired because there are chances that some eggs may not develop or fertilize. Then blood tests and a transvaginal ultrasound is done to check the hormone levels and condition of the ovaries respectively.

ivf treatment in bangalore

Step 2
A minor surgical procedure using an ultrasound imaging is done for a reason that the eggs can be easily retrieved. That is, a hollow needle is made to pass through the pelvic cavity and eggs are taken out.

Step 3
Sperms to be combined with the eggs are asked to be produced by the male.

Step 4
Sperms and eggs are mixed and kept in the laboratory dish through a process called conventional insemination. If the surgeon finds there is only a very low probability of fertilization, he recommends Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) by which a sperm is injected into the egg that is taken from the female. The eggs will be constantly under the observation of the doctor and his team to check whether cell division and fertilization are taking place. The fertilized eggs are called embryos.

Step 5
These embryos formed are moved into the uterus of the woman through a Catheter. This process is painless but cramps will occur anyway. And in a week, implantation occurs.

Step 6
Beta pregnancy test is carried out by the nurse to examine the hCG hormone level of the patient.

IVF treatment is implemented only in hospitals having superior quality equipments and technology. Mathrutva Fertility Center is the best IVF clinic in Bangalore offering promising IVF treatment in Bangalore through high tech care and individual attention.

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