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5 Early Signs to Watch Out if You've Been Trying to Get Pregnant...

Pregnancy is that period of time many couples wait in their married life. Women who wish to enter the beautiful phase of motherhood often keep a closer watch on their menstrual cycles than ever before. The very feeling of being able to nurture a life within their body is something most women trying to get pregnant will look forward to. The joy of being able to hold your flesh and blood after nine long months of waiting, not to forget the innumerable instances of nausea, morning sickness etc. that women face, is inexplicable.

While it is not mandatory that all women show early signs of pregnancy, many of them do. Hence, you need to watch out for these 5 early signs if you’ve been trying to get pregnant from some time now.

Missed menstrual cycle

One of the most significant or early signs of possible pregnancy is a missed menstrual cycle. If you have been having regular menstrual cycles to the point of having it on the same date month on month, and you miss one or two cycles consecutively, it could be a strong signal of your pregnancy. This is assuming other possible reasons for a missed menstrual cycle such as stress, changes in sleep cycles, and so on are ruled out. 

Aversion to certain foods

If you’ve had a favourite food ever since you can remember and now, all of a sudden you find yourself literally running from the kitchen when this dish is made, it is time to consider pregnancy as one of the possible reasons. While there is no definite reason for this, one of the possible causes could be the increased accumulation of estrogen in your body.

Abdominal bloating

Due to changes in your hormone levels, abdominal bloating in the initial stages of pregnancy is quite normal. This abdominal bloating sensation is akin to that experienced during one’s menstrual cycle. One of the reasons why you may be wondering if you have been putting on invisible weight or your clothes have suddenly shrunk so much as to fit snugly.

Frequent urination

Have you suddenly found yourself frequenting the bathroom more often than earlier? With no undiagnosed diabetes in the picture, are you wondering what could be the reason? A change in your hormone levels during the initial stages of your pregnancy results in your frequent trips to the bathroom. It is to be noted that the intensity or urge to urinate frequently only intensifies as your pregnancy progresses. This is because, with your advancing pregnancy, the volume of blood increases which results in more fluid accumulation in your bladder. This puts additional pressure which leads to increase in the frequency of urination.


Have you recently been feeling more tired, or rather exhausted with little exertion? These episodes of exhaustion can mostly be attributed to the increasing levels of progesterone. Higher levels of progesterone leads to an increased level of sluggishness as well as the need to sleep more. While this subsides as you enter the second trimester of your pregnancy, fatigue is something that you will have to endure all through your first trimester.

If you find yourself saying yes to many of the symptoms mentioned above, it is time to visit your gynecologist. However, it is not necessary that all women experience each of the afore mentioned signs and symptoms. Some experience all of these, some experience none of these but other pregnancy related symptoms. Hence, you need to consult a gynecologist who will conduct specific tests to examine you and confirm your pregnancy. 

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