Friday, 11 August 2017

Tackling Male Factor Infertility at Mathrutva

Infertility is a tough blow to a family, whatever its cause. Most conversations regarding infertility usually revolve around the woman more so than the man. However, the statistics of infertility reported so far has a different story to say. Male factor infertility is known to contribute to about half of the total infertility cases reported worldwide so far.

At Mathrutva, we are committed not just to your physiological well being but your emotional well being as well. With an expert panel including infertility specialists and embryologists coupled with a state of the art infrastructure, we provide world class facilities for male infertility treatment Bangalore with a high rate of success.

Male factor infertility – the dimensions

The main problems that result in male infertility include sperm production problems, immune system disorders or obstructive issues. Lack of sperm count and sperm motility is some of the most common disorders encountered during analysis of male infertility. These issues can occur due to prior surgeries, infections or as congenital irregularities at birth.

The well at place and advanced lab facility with experienced professionals at its helm offers an accurate diagnosis, favouring a speedy and successful treatment. The treatment plan here is tailored made to suit the requirements of our patients. In other words, we provide what is best for you rather than a pre-crafted treatment plan.

Male infertility can overcome with a series of treatment techniques ranging from medication or surgery to ART (Artificial Reproduction Techniques), depending on the cause of infertility.

Overcoming infertility with Mathrutva

At Mathrutva, you do not just get the treatment; you get a peer to walk you through this difficult phase of life till you hold your bundle of joy. Our goal is not limited to just achieving a successful birth but ensuring the birth of a healthy baby.

IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) treatment under the expertise of IVF specialist in Koramangala has achieved an unparalleled success rate at Mathrutva and is available at affordable rates making it accessible to a wider section of the society.
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